Strategic Priorities

In 2011, the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission convened for a day-long session during which Commission members met to review accomplishments since 2007 and to develop strategic priorities for the next three years.  The planning meeting began with a discussion of the Commission’s accomplishments between 2004 and 2010, as well as pending projects.  The current committee structure was also reviewed.

With the use of pre-meeting surveys, a structured brainstorming session, and Commissioner rankings, a set of five priorities was agreed upon. With the exception of one, all priorities corresponded to existing committees of the Commission.  They were as follows:  (1) Expand pro se self-help centers (Court Assistance); (2) formalize the resource development efforts of the Commission through the possible restructuring of the Legal Services Committee and the addition of a dedicated resource development staff position that would support the efforts of the Commission, the AATJ Foundation, ALSP, and the IOLTA Foundation; (3) develop an “eHarmony approach” to pro bono by developing a system for matching private attorney needs and interests with legal service needs (Pro Bono); (4) undertake a media/PR initiative to educate the bench, bar, and general public about the importance of access to justice (Education); (5) plan and execute another set of town hall meetings in each congressional district (Legislative).

After the planning meeting, individual committees met to develop specific action steps for each of the five strategic priorities identified.  The final version of the Strategic Priorities document was adopted in early 2012.
To view the Commission's 2011-2013 Strategic Priorities, click here.